About Us

Providing quality and process improvement education, training, and consulting services to small and medium sized medical practices. 

Lean Elevation is comprised of practical problem solvers trained in quality improvement, process improvement, project management, and business administration.  Using a variety of continuous improvement methodologies, we place a focus on training and empowering leadership, management, and staff to become interdependent problem solvers, improving their work and office one step at a time. 

We place focus on first on eliminating common problems, known as quick hits, that cause error, frustration, and rework. Next, we look for ways to eliminate waste in various processes commonly using tools such as value stream maps and waste analysis to reduce waiting times, process flows, and more. After significant sources of waste are removed from the office we then move to more impactful lean six sigma projects such as improving the rate of medical claims denials or improving patient satisfaction.

Our Mission: To elevate small and medium sized businesses through continuous improvement of people and processes.


Kara Brien, MBA, CSSBB, CAPM

Owner, Founder Lean Elevation

Meet the Founder

Kara Brien is truly passionate about quality improvement. She founded Lean Elevation in 2019 to help young doctors improve quality in the workplace and help them create their own private practice start-ups where quality and continuous improvement is valued from the start. She is a Six Sigma Black Belt from the American Society for Quality (ASQ), is MBA trained in Process Improvement and serves on the local Southeast Florida board of ASQ.

Our Core Values

Commitment to Quality

Helping you reach new standards of quality and sustainability.

Continuous Improvement

Small incremental improvements make for large improvements.


Empowering creative thoughts and ideas to flourish by putting them into action.


Improving quality using innovative ideas and concepts and putting htem into action.

Did You Know?

The average Lean Six Sigma Black Belt project saves $230,000 per project. 

While not every organization may be ready for a Black Belt sized project, they can begin working their way up on the continuous improvement journey starting with Lean.

Discover How Lean Elevation Can Help You Improve Your Business Processes.

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