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Use Lean Management practices to elevate your performance. From simple PDSA to full on lean six sigma projects find out how to simplify your processes and elevate your performance.

Lean Healthcare Improves Quality Reduces Waste Enhances Flow Decreases Frustration Improves Communication Improves Organization

Lean is one of the three quality improvement models used in healthcare. Known for its ability to improve quality, flow, and reduce work frustration and burnout, Lean is one of the most impactful quality improvement models in healthcare. 

How We Can Help


Quality and process improvement training for all levels.


Plan, track, and monitor your improvements using best practices.


We'll help you plan and implement improvement projects in your office.

Learn Lean

For quality and process improvement in healthcare environments. 

Education and Training

Lean Healthcare Training

Learn the fundamentals of lean in healthcare in this full day instructor-led course. This course includes ample examples of real-life application of lean in a healthcare setting including how to improve quality, enhance flow, reduce mistakes, and realize millions of dollars in cost savings. 

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Financial Assistance Available

If you are a small, for-profit business in the United States our Lean training may qualify for financial assistance. Through state level Incumbent Worker Training (IWT) grants, your Lean training may qualify for partial to full funding assistance. The IWT application process varies by county and state and not all applicants may qualify. To apply, contact kbrien@leanelevation, for more information.

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